We provide services around Testing, Agile and IT services,  We do not have a one size fits all solution but we provide these services by following our homegrown assessment models like SUCEED consulting methodology and PERFECT assessment & improvement methodology.  We also have a homegrown Agile Test Maturity Model that we use for our assessments.

Management Consulting


Our typical approach is:

  • Understand Customer needs
  • As-Is Assessment
  • Industry Best practice comparison
  • Process Gap Analysis and Implementation needs
  • Be change agents towards achieving goals

Testing services

Testing services include:

  • Test strategy – Help organization to build strategies around various testing that needs to be considered taking into consideration the industry best practices
  • Test Process assessments and improvements – Assess the existing testing process and provide improvement aspects considering the industry best practices and standards like Test Maturity Model
  • Test Automation Strategy – Help organization to build a strategy around test automation
  • Test Automation Assessments – Assess the organizations’ implementation levels on test automation, identify improvement opportunities and provide an improvement plan.
  • Accessibility Testing – Assess the product/website is usable by differently abled people

Agile Services

With Safe Agilists on board, our Agile services include

  • Agile Consulting – Helping organization migrate to Agile successfully by enabling their teams to create test strategy, test design and other artefacts
  • Agile Quality Dashboard – Identifying critical metrics in projects, defining, building collection mechanisms and providing an interactive and intuitive dashboard that gives the status of the project with drill-down capabilities
  • Agile Test Assessments – Assessing the maturity of the Agile Implementation practices of the Organization and providing gap analysis and improvement report
  • Agile Coach – Coach / Mentor the organization in their Agile practices and improving test maturity levels
  • Agile Test Training – Training on Agile Testing customized for different roles with real-life examples, case studies

Quality Services

Our quality services are available for all standards like ISO (9001,20000, 27001), CMM, CMMi, PCMM, TMM.  Our services include

  • Quality Certification strategy – build a strategy for the organization to achieve any of the quality certifications
  • Quality assessments – Assessing the maturity of the quality practices of the organization and providing gap analysis and improvement report