File Validator

Millions of dollars waiting at the doorstep that could not be grabbed easily? Onboarding a client in an insurance company or vendor engagement in a healthcare industry are examples that takes a couple of months to even a quarter or two.

File Validator

Multiple teams within and outside the organization collaborate to achieve the B2B Interchange and the biggest contributor to this timeline is the time spent on validating

  • The format of the data exchanged between the businesses and
  • That data complies with all the business rules.

This can get a multiplier effect when the size increases  – 100 + data fields, multiple 1000s of records, 1000s of business rules.

File Validator from WinVinaya disrupts the validation cycle.  The complete validation solution is provided by file validator and that talks in your domain language and one need not worry about automating anything but still, the tool will take care of validations accurately, quickly at stunning speeds.

The platform supports industry standards like SWIFT, SPARK 1.0 and 2.0, HL7, EBCDIC and also facilitates customization to the needs.


  • Business owners enabled to perform self-service validation – Saves time
  • Data accuracy – No errors before initiating the data exchange
  • Enterprise-wide complete reusability – Define rules once and customize for any program across the organization
  • Easy change management – Change the rules and validate immediately
  • Stakeholders updated in real time – Precise dashboards give details of activities and results.