Data Analytics services include one or more of the following aspects.


Modelling involves

  • Understanding the current metrics process
  • Data and metrics definition and standards
  • Data stewardship – optimized measurement process
  • Data analytics trends and validations
  • Intuitive data exploration


Visualization involves

  • Experts in intuitive, interactive and real-time dashboard/report creation using Microsoft Power BI, QlikView and Tableau for engineering, DevOps, HR, Finance, Operation domains, CIO/CXO dashboards.
  • Build Intuitive, Interactive Dashboard around Operational, Optimization, Business Outcome and People Excellence
  • Finalize collection mechanisms, Tool interface and related aspects
  • Automatic collection and reporting of data
  • Fast deployment, hybrid configuration, secure and integration with IT Systems
  • Predictive Analytics – Using R and Azure Machine Learning to build predictive models and visualize the results in Power BI.


Deployment is the application of model on the data through effective visualization.  Facilitates conversion of data to knowledge to wisdom.  It involves

  • Enable Self Service Reporting
  • Help customers to identify new business opportunities
  • Right data for the right users at the right time
  • Fundamental and Advanced hands-on training on the tool used where necessary
  • Enable a “Data Driven” organization with a focus on continuous improvement and real business impact

Power BI chart